A computer blog page is a webpage that specializes in a specific issue, such as technology news and reviews. In contrast to traditional websites, a blog page is modified regularly and sometimes offers a comment section intended for readers to engage with the writer.

Blogging http://www.howtobeaphotographer.org/top-5-instagram-alternatives-for-photography/ has changed lately, from a technical newsletter to personal online magazines to personal discussions and more. It has as well become a lesser amount of about backlinks to other websites and more regarding commentary over the latest happenings or changes in a particular area of expertise.

Technology News & Reviews

A blog site like Engadget is focused for the latest technology and technology news. It features articles about technology and gadgets, it covers issues such as films and research that terme conseillé with its subject.


The Gizmodo web page has a busy homepage which includes a collage of photos and document headlines in various categories. Its basic color layout gives the site a modern and organized appearance that appeals to readers.


The TED-Ed blog is unique in that almost all of its content feature drawings instead of photographs, which facilitates that stand out from additional blogs and attracts tourists. The blog can be primarily aimed towards instructors, and the use of drawings creates a thrilling approachable ambiance.

Confident Professor

The Self-confident Teacher is a blog on education written by Uk teacher Alex Quigley. The website features a slider on the home-page that shows some of Quigley’s articles’ labels and matching photos.